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With the Bandzoogle platform, musicians build their website and manage direct-to-fan marketing and sales. Musicians can create a professional website without having to code anything or hire expensive designers, and they can quickly build an online store to sell music, merch, and tickets, commission-free. The all-in-one platform also includes features ...

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Christine Brackenhoff

Bandzoogle adds integration with Printful’s print-on-demand drop shipping services

Musician website platform Bandzoogle has launched an integration with print-on-demand drop shipping service Printful to make it easier for musicians to create and sell custom merchandise directly to their fans on their websites, commission-free.

Artists can now seamlessly connect their Bandzoogle website account to Printful, simplifying access to the popular print-on-demand drop shipping service. Bands can choose from over 200 custom merch items available through Printful to display on their website alongside their other music and merch offerings to sell directly to fans.

With this integration, Bandzoogle adds another direct-to-fan option to their commission-free sales tools for musicians. “Our mandate is to help artists generate revenue for their careers by monetizing their websites,” says Bandzoogle CEO Stacey Bedford. “Merch sales have been the biggest group of sales items for our members, and print-on-demand offers another great option for artists to sell merch directly to their fans with no upfront costs, and no inventory to store.”

With no minimum order requirements or monthly fees, musicians only pay for merch items when they make a sale, allowing artists to diversify their revenue options, risk-free. When a fan places an order through the artist’s own website, Printful then fulfills and ships the order.

During a time when artists are getting especially creative with fan engagement, print-on-demand merch also makes it possible to quickly create custom merch for special events such as live streams, single drops, or crowdfunding.

As with many of Bandzoogle’s recent musician-focused updates, including fan subscriptions, live stream ticket sales, and a Tip Jar, the Printful integration allows fans to support artists directly. Artists can set their own prices when they create their merchandise through Printful, and Bandzoogle’s commission-free model (which has netted artists over $70 million in revenues to date) means that all profits go directly to the artists.