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With the Bandzoogle platform, musicians build their website and manage direct-to-fan marketing and sales. Musicians can create a professional website without having to code anything or hire expensive designers, and they can quickly build an online store to sell music, merch, and tickets, commission-free. The all-in-one platform also includes features ...

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Christine Brackenhoff

Bandzoogle launches expanded EPK tools for musicians

Created by and for musicians, website and direct-to-fan platform Bandzoogle has launched several new options to their built-in EPK feature, including downloadable and printable versions, and four new EPK templates.
For working musicians, a well-organized and eye-catching EPK is a vital promotional tool. “It’s such an integral tool for musicians wanting to move their careers forward,” says Bandzoogle CEO Stacey Bedford, noting that an electronic press kit can be particularly important for independent artists. “EPKs should live right on your website,” says Bedford, “and should be updated as your career evolves.”
An EPK contains everything the press and industry needs, all on one page. This includes marketing assets  such as a bio, promotional photos, career highlights, press, awards, and music. Musicians can use their EPK to get reviews and interviews, promote a new album or track, or to book shows and live streams. 
With Bandzoogle’s expanded EPK options, artists can now choose from four preset EPK templates, which can be populated in minutes, including:
  • General EPK: Provides a professional online resume.
  • EPK for Media: For pitching new music to blogs and other media for interviews and reviews.
  • Onesheet for Radio: To promote a single to radio, podcasts, and playlists.
  • EPK for Venues: A press kit designed to help book shows.
All of these EPK templates include features easily filled in with a musician's relevant content and media. From there, the EPKs can now be exported as a downloadable file to email or print.
A downloadable EPK makes it easy for musicians to create a copy of their promotional content in a nicely-designed format, ready for print or email. Since the content is pulled from their websites directly, it’s already personalized and branded. 
Creating a pdf will allow for artists to send out EPK materials directly and quickly to press, radio stations, journalists, or venues. The PDF version of a press kit can also be added to a page on their website, such as a bio page, or right on an EPK page to allow a venue, or promoter, to download it directly.
The addition of these expanded EPK tools furthers Bandzoogle’s goal of helping artists build sustainable careers. “If our features are helping artists book more shows, and generate more income, then we know we’re doing our job,” says Stacey Bedford.